Human Capital


  • Prevention
  • Repairing 
  • Maintenance
  • Enhancement
  • Effectiveness
  • Capacity
  • Circularity
  • Happiness at work: Family-Life-Work Balance

Profiling & Quantification of Value


  • "DNA"-profilling
  • Job-Employee matching
  • e-Tests
  • Quantification of human capital value
  • Quantification of the impact of investment (ROI) in capacity building programs
  • Quantification of the impact of investment (ROI) in capacity leadership development programs
  • Quantification of the impact of investment (ROI) in 3-Fold circular economy

Trapped Value Release


  • Innovation Lab Tools
  • 3-Fold Circular Economy
  • Lean Learning
  • Lean Thinking

Leadership Development Program


  • Innovation Driven Leadership
  • SDG United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • 3-Fold Human Inclusive Circular Economy
  • Climate Change
  • Personal Leadership
  • Competences that A.I. can not replace
  • Gender Equity Effectiveness

Circular Economy


  • Human Inclusive Circular Economy
  • 3 Fold Circular economy
  • Score Card
  • Training Programs

Knowledge Management


  • Systemic Change Management
  • Collective Intelligence
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Business Culture Development
  • Systemic Risk Management
  • Strategic Marketing & Business Development

Complexity Applied


  • Corporate Immunology
  • Time Reversible Algorithms for HHRR & Business
  • Data Driven Business Culture Assessment  
  • R&D - Collaboration Projects
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence & Automation

General Training


  • Capacity Assessment
  • Gamified (Serious Playing) 
  • Perception
  • Emotional Inteligence
  • Self-Management
  • Human Brain Performance Enhancement
  • Process Management
  • Assessment Tools
  • Endo-Circularity
  • Human Competences A.I. can not replace

Start Ups


  • Mentoring
  • Sparring
  • Innovation Lab
  • Think Tank
  • Incubation Program



  • Assessmet
  • Individual Coaching Program
  • Group Coaching
  • Process Facilitation
  • Think Tank Facilitation
  • Communication & Meetings Moderation

Matrix-Q Licenses


  • Matrix-Q Standard Training Programs (72 Technical Certificates)
  • Technical Certificates Licenses Evaluation
  • Consultancy (Coach, Trainer, R&D Innovation) Licenses Evaluation
  • Organization Label (Systemic Implementation of Matrix-Q Standard)


Our consultants directory offer you details on individual expertise and Matrix-Q Capacity.

All consultants in our directory are certifed in specific methods and tools, completed training at the Matrix-Q Research Institute in The Netherlands, and are holders or eligible candidates to licenses. 

Matrix-Q Consultants are members of the Matrix-Q Multidisciplinary Research Pool and follow a continious training program and yearly upgrades of the Matrix-Q Body of Knowledge.

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

  • Rank 729, Golden Belt Dan 9
  • Location: The Netherlands

Researcher, R&D Developer of Matrix-Q Body of Work, Tools and Knowledge, Director of the Matrix-Q Akademia and Matrix-Q Research Institute. More details.

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Protection of the Investment in Human Capital

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About Us

We are a multidiscipinary international association of social entrepreneurs and business consultants specialized in the use of Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Standard.

Our focus is on the human variable of the sustainable development equation.

We utilize 3-Fold Circular economy approach for value chain transformation and change management.

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